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WordPress Norwich Meetup - March 2019

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William C.
WordPress Norwich Meetup - March 2019


A chance for anyone interested in making and using WordPress to meet like-minded people for some informal and friendly discussion.


1) Refreshments and informal chat/networking

2) Opening remarks and WordPress news

3) ## Talk: "Better Research, Better Design, Better Results"##

This talk by Sam Wright follows on from our 'content first' discussion a few months ago - ideal for those involved in planning and designing content for a website or digital marketing campaign.

“Why wasn’t this done at the beginning?!”

This can be one of the worst questions a client can fire at you. A website migration may have gone wrong and led to a plummet in traffic, or an SEO and PPC campaign needs a new architecture to be implemented before it can begin to work properly. We see scenarios like this all the time – each costs time and money to fix, and each can be easily avoided.

This talk will look at the common pitfalls during a typical design process, and show how some research and planning can mean that your projects are built on a solid foundation.

Some points to discuss:

- What can go wrong…
- Identifying goals and stakeholders
- Benchmarking
- Why architecture matters
- A better workflow

Will and other members will be on hand to help with the Q&A and help address WordPress-specific points.


Speaker Bio:

Sam Wright is the founder of Norwich-based agency, Blink. He has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, and has led projects for international brands such as Rolex and Sothebys, as well as the United Nations.


Bringing a laptop or tablet to this meetup is optional. If you do, you can share online resources, make notes and test things out.

This meetup is kindly sponsored by digital and brand marketing agency, Creative Sponge ( I am looking for additional sponsors so please let me know if your company is interested!