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Going Responsive with WordPress

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This month's meetup will focus on making your sites mobile friendly. Were your sites or a client's sites hit hard by Mobilegeddon? Our speakers will teach you techniques to make your sites mobile friendly and fully responsive.

This month's featured speakers:

Ryan Gibson - How Mobile Friendliness Affects Your SEO

SEO? Responsive? What do these words mean? They now go hand in hand. Learn how being responsive is not only good for your user's experience, but for your search rankings as well. Ryan will go over the nuts and bolts so you can build an online presence.

David Laietta - Media Queries: Making Sites Responsive in CSS, JavaScript, & PHP

We know that our site should do more than resize for mobile - it should optimize for it as well. One of the quickest ways to get started with this is selectively loading parts of the site based on the device.

Using display: none; in CSS isn’t enough. David will give you a quick rundown of how to change what loads on the page in CSS, JavaScript and PHP, so you’re not only hiding things that you don’t need on your mobile site, but not using precious bandwidth to load them at all.

Jeff de Wit - Making Responsive Sites Accessible for All

Responsive design is just the first step, but it doesn't make it accessible. Jeff will go over a few common issues and solutions to get you on your way in making your site a better place.

Adam Soucie - An Introduction to Flexbox

Flexbox is a new feature in CSS that drastically changes the way we think about layout. In short, it's magic, and it makes building responsive sites a breeze. Adam will demo flexbox and teach you how a few lines of CSS can get you started building responsive sites with this great new feature!

618 E South St #620 · Orlando, FL