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This month we're focused on speeding up your site, and cleaning up the content on your site. Join us for a night of WordPress fun!

As always, we will leave room for discussion, QA, and networking. We will provide dinner, with the help of a TBA sponsor!

Irina Blumenfeld - Best practices for faster website

Why is my site slow? I hear this a lot from people. In this presentation we'll discuss how you can test website speed, figure out what's causing loading delay, and what are the best practices you can implement to make your site load faster. We'll go over images, caching, 3rd parties, HTTP/2 protocol and more.

Josh Nederveld - Website Content Debt

When you launch a website, it's like driving off the lot with a brand-new car. It's shiny and perfect in that moment, but over time it starts to get worn down. If you ignore the issues long enough, eventually the car will break down completely. Web developers are familiar with this in terms of "technical debt," but a website's content is just as at risk for decay. We'll take a look at 3 different types of content debt and identify how to find and fix content debt on your own website.