How to Create a Child Theme, and Why You Shouldn't Fear Gutenberg


How to Choose the Right Theme & Customize It the Right Way (Using a Child Theme)
Geoff Myers, Digital Marketing Consultant & CEO of SimDex LLC

This presentation and subsequent group discussion is meant for both beginners of WordPress (“choosing the right theme”) and intermediate users of WordPress (“creating a child theme”).

Geoff will be covering the following subtopics:

• Where do I start when searching for a WordPress theme for my site? What are the best places to look for high-quality themes?
• What do I look for in a WordPress theme to determine whether it meets the highest technical quality standards? (hint: use Theme Check)
• Effective strategies and best practices for choosing a WordPress theme that will work for you in the short term and long run (i.e. how to save yourself frustration later on)
• Free themes versus paid themes: What’s the difference? Is it worth paying? Where should I go?
• How to create a Child Theme and add customizations without overwriting the original theme’s code (e.g. copying and editing CSS stylesheets and PHP templates from the original theme)

Don't Be Afraid of Gutenberg
David Wolfpaw, Owner of FixUpFox WordPress Maintenance

A new editor is coming in WordPress v5.0, and the reviews on it have been mixed, to say the least. While there will definitely be challenges and growing pains, I think that it's an overall good move for WordPress, which as the dominant web publishing platform will make it a good move for the web overall.

There are a lot of new things to learn about how Gutenberg will be part of WordPress, and a lot of questions that still don't have answers. I'm going to walk through where Gutenberg is coming from, what it does, and what is planned for the future. We'll do a demo of some features, I'll show some cool things that could spur you to try something new with it, and hopefully allay fears around the new feature.