On No, I've Been Hacked! Live Case Study.

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You installed some DIY security and installed a security plugin, but your site got hacked anyway!

Whether you're a website owner, a development professional or somewhere in between, you do not want your site to get hacked. It takes lots of time and effort to restore a site after an attack, if it can be restored.

D.K. Smith will present methods for repairing hacked sites in a LIVE case study!

One of his company's honeypot sites was hacked. We'll get to peek over D.K's shoulder as he works on it live:

• the very first thing you should do.

• #1 thing you shouldn't do!

• how to create your own WordPress emergency response plan

• essential clean-up tools

• steps to restore hacked sites and why your backups may be useless

• hacker hangouts and insights on how they go about exploits

D.K. will go through the clean-up step-by-step and share tips on how to determine an appropriate repair process, along with details on important decision points.


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The experts from Tadpole.cc (http://tadpole.cc/) will be available throughout the evening to help you with your WordPress issues and answer your questions.


We will raffle off $1 for each user that RSVP's. This money will be split between:

• One WPNYC member.

• A WordPress developer that has donated a free theme or plugin to the community (chosen by the member winner)

Check out our past winners > (http://wpnyc.org/gives-back/)


D.K. began using WordPress in early 2005 and got serious about security after his company's affiliate sites were hacked in 2007. Since then, he has led the development of many essential WordPress security measures. D.K's security company is WP Security Pros (http://www.wpsecurity.com/) and he's the founder of the WordPress Brooklyn Meetup.

D.K. has worked as a digital marketing and SEO consultant since 1998. He is now managing director at the Brooklyn Innovation Center (http://brooklyninnovation.com/), a startup and entrepreneurship accelerator that gets founders through the seed stage, which means getting them to the point where they've built something impressive enough to raise money from later stage investors.

Tin Dizdarevic has been with Zemanta for 3 years and works with publishers to maximize their revenues, traffic and editorial and ad control.