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Meet4SPEED: Speeding up WordPress Sites - Invite for Men

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On March 29th our WPNYC Meetup will be at Google's NYC office for a joint event with the NYC WebPerf Meetup:

WordPress powers 30% of the web. Web performance has a critical effect on business metrics like revenue and conversions.

Our respective NYC Meetup communities have over 10,000 members combined! And yet the intersection of these two disciplines is seemingly underdeveloped. This is a "mixer" to foster cross-pollination of knowledge between our groups. Web developers and website owners from both camps will be able to share WordPress-specific performance best practices.

Event Host: Rick Viscomi

Bio: ( Developer Programs Engineer at Google ( focusing on web transparency. He maintains the HTTP Archive, a community-owned tool that tracks how the web is built, and the Chrome User Experience Report, a dataset of real user performance data from millions of sites. He is also the co-author of Using WebPageTest and a former web performance engineer at YouTube.

Event Sponsor: Google

Bring your computer. Attendees will work closely together to share tips and tricks for making WordPress faster in this loosely organized event based on the "Meet4SPEED" format used by the Web Performance group.

12 spots for men and 12 spots for women will be offered in two separate invites. It is my hope that we have an equal representation.

RSVPs open on March 12th. NYC WebPerf Meetup Event Invite: