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Women of WordPress NYC (WoWPNYC) Study Session

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Winstina H. and Lisa L.


Calling all women of WordPress.

Studying or working alone can be a challenge. Have you been looking for a study session with other women WordPress users? Meet as a supportive group this Thursday to work on your website or plugin, to write a blog post, or practice CSS or Javascript in the company of others.

ABOUT WoWPNYC EVENTS: Our goal is to support women (and those who identify as women) developers, designers, and bloggers who are invested in their desires of using the WordPress platform for professional and personal goals.

Those who further the WordPress community and seek to create an empowering network for WoWPNYC are welcome! Membership in our Meetup group is open to all women regardless of ability, skill, financial status or any other criteria.

EVENT IDEA: This event was proposed by a developer named Lisa who attended our first Meetup.

NOTE: This event is different from our Help Desk where members come with problems and seek solutions. If you are seeking help tonight please meet in the common area so that ladies who came to work on individual projects can focus quietly in the conference room.

MISSED RSVPing? We're disappointed, too! If you missed RSVPing for this event and want to attend leave a comment on Thursday, March 8th, 2018 only requesting available spots. Requests for a spot will be responded to only on that date. This simplifies attendance for everyone. We promise!

1460 Broadway · New York, NY
2 spots left