How AMP, SiteKit, Lighthouse and WP Rig Make WordPress Even More Awesome


Companies using WordPress CMS are partnering with Google to learn how AMP, SiteKit, Lighthouse and WP Rig improve web performance, page speed insights, payments, identity, issues with analytics and ad campaigns.

As part of the team that builds training sessions to guide partners in navigating this landscape, Salvatore Denaro wants the larger WordPress community to know more about the awesome things AMP, SiteKit, Lighthouse and WP Rig can do. Join us at Meetup's HQ in NYC for his presentation on how:

* AMP technology allows for fast loading web pages on mobile devices
* Gutenberg and AMP are a perfect match
* Google’s SiteKit for WordPress provides integration with Google Search
Console, Google Analytics and AdWords.
* Ways to use Lighthouse with WordPress to analyze your site, and how
* WP Rig is a new tool kit for wordPress theme development

Speaker Bio: Salvatore Denaro works for Google as a Technical Solutions Consultant specializing in mobile web performance. He is a full stack web developer with 20 years experience starting in the days of cgi-bin. Salvatore is a Certified Scrum Master and an active member of the NYC tech community. He’s also a 40ft tall robot with lasers for eyes. ...(Only four of those statements are accurate).

Missed RSVPing? I'm sorry! If you missed RSVPing for this event and want to attend leave a comment on Friday, March 22nd, 2019. Requests for a spot will be responded to only on that date. This simplifies attendance for everyone. I promise!

Bring your curiosity and a laptop or notepad to take notes.

Important Note: Bring photo ID for security. If your profile name is different than your government-issued ID, provide your full name so I can ensure your entrance.

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