UX in WP with Types, Taxonomies, & Roles


Developers and admins quickly reach for a plugin when trying to limit (or expand) user capabilities in WordPress. Plugins often bring unexpected complications. Worse, a developer may introduce code to achieve something already available in WP. This can lead to legacy failures.

We’ll walk through using basic building blocks in WP to build custom user experiences with minimal amounts of code - custom post types, taxonomies, user roles, and templates. We’ll then talk about patterns to streamline repetitive work & tips to avoid pitfalls on more advanced builds.

A GitHub repository with stepped branches will be included so you can try on your own. Not a developer? We will recommend plugins that offer some parity to the solutions we cover.
PRESENTED BY: Victor Ramirez


7:00 PM: Driving Organic Traffic To Your WordPress Site

Organic Search Is most often the primary source of website rraffic. Most WordPress users start with an SEO plugin or two and set their defaults and then trust that they have their SEO “done”, but Search Engine Optimization goes far beyond that. The most effective sites that draw the most traffic are putting time and effort into determining what users are looking for and how the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Amazon, etc…) determine what pages to deliver to those queries. In this presentation, we will cover the strengths and weaknesses of some of the best-known SEO plugins as well as understand what they do and why.

SEO is a long-term strategy, we will look at 2 trends in search that have been growing in importance over the past 5 years and learn what they are and why they matter.

Schema is a technical element that helps search engines identify more about your content and improves the way your page looks in search results

Content Clusters are a newer way to think about how to produce and deliver work that will rank well and drive traffic to your site.
Plan to take lots of notes and ask lots of questions! There will be small bits of information on many impactful topics, we will spend extra time on areas that feel useful and achievable by the folks who show up.
PRESENTED BY: Jefe Birkner

8:00 PM: UX in WP with Types, Taxonomies, & Roles


Victor Ramirez began his foray into the interwebs building websites and email newsletters for various high school art projects. Recently, he was a lead software engineer at Dow Jones defining WordPress at News Corp. He now is a lead product analytics engineer at The Know Worldwide. On the side, he runs An Abstract Agency (a WordPress agency), co-organizes the WPNYC MeetUp, & teaches high school students to code.

Jefe Birkner is Director of SEO at Converge (https://convergemarketing.com/), since he earned a Master’s in Computer Science from the College of Business at San Francisco State University he has worked in a range of digital marketing fields including mobile, app marketing, paid search and SEO. Jefe has also developed and managed WordPress sites for clients in Healthcare, Retail and E-commerce, Branding, and Non-profit.
Jefe has been attending WordPressNYC for nearly 5 years, since he moved to Brooklyn from the West Coast, and gets a lot of joy from helping big brands raise awareness and earn traffic as well as helping individuals and new businesses get found.

IMPORTANT sure to bring government-issued photo ID for security or you will not be allowed to enter the building.