Ecommerce Roundtable - Led by Aaron Ware


Hi All, Just wanted to send a brief update because I thought I had made the change globally for the Tuesday night meetups...we will open doors at 6pm for snacks and refreshments. The talk will start at 7pm. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll make sure the schedule is updated going forward. See you soon! -Jennifer Kusiak.


Over the past decade Aaron Ware has worked with leading brands, start-ups and everyone in between to develop innovative, highly interactive, feature-rich websites and online apps.

Today Aaron is becoming more active in the WordPress development scene through open source plugins and as being a guest speaker at Rhode Island and New England Area area events such as WordCamps and meetups.

Reach out to Aaron any time you need a dose of his technical expertise, project management skills… or even if you’re just missing his wit, charm and (self-described) stunning good looks.

(He really does have a nice strong brow!)


Aaron Ware will be leading an open discussion spring-boarding from best practices his team uses with online retailers of varying shapes and sizes.

He encourages everyone to come armed with challenges they would like to pose to the meetup attendees as well as some best practices they've observed and would like to share.

Sorta like a verbal leave-a-penny-take-a-penny type situation.

Peace, Love & WordPress,

-Jenn Kusiak