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Are you interested in doing everyday things in Spanish? If so, you've come to the right place! We're Work-Life Spanish, a group of young and hip Spanish enthusiasts who love to use our language skills in a variety of settings. Join us for our weekly get-togethers online and in the DC Metro area. Get ready to make lasting friendships while brushing up on your Latin tongue all at the same time!

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Spanish Music & Convo Club

Online event

View our full schedule and sign up at https://www.worklifespanish.com/beginner-music-convo-club.html

Your first session is free with code FREECLUB

Learning Spanish through songs is an extremely powerful way to get words and expressions to stay in our minds long-term. We all get songs stuck in our heads—so put that to good use and use it as a learning tool to improve your language skills!

Each week we will provide you with a song to listen to and a worksheet to complete prior to the club event which will highlight pronunciation, listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. The club event itself will be pure conversation, getting you thinking and speaking about the song's overall message, newly learned lexicon, and interesting syntax. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to reserve your spot!

*Don't forget to watch the assigned music video in full and complete the comprehension activity sheet prior to the start of the session. All classes will be conducted almost entirely in Spanish.

Spanish News & Film Club!

Online event


Your first session is free with the code FREECLUB

View the full schedule and sign up at https://www.worklifespanish.com/intermediate-news-film-club.html

Welcome to the Work-Life Spanish News & Film Club! This conversational club is focused on building vocabulary, improving reading & comprehension, and increasing speaking confidence among our intermediate-level students.

Prior to each session students will read a pre-selected news article or watch a pre-selected film from a Spanish-speaking country. Our Spanish language discussions will focus on general reflections on how people found the article or film, the main themes within it, and newly learned vocabulary and grammar.

Spanish "Destinos" and Convo Club!

Online event


Your first event is free with the code FREECLUB

Sign up at https://www.worklifespanish.com/destinos-convo-club.html

Destinos premiered in 1992, and soon became the most popular Spanish learning series ever. Described as an “elaborately produced and suspenseful soap opera”, the show immerses students in everyday situations with native speakers and introduces the cultures, accents, and varieties of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico through the entertaining story of Don Fernando’s intriguing past. Every episode of Destinos covers new grammatical concepts, vocabulary, and cultural practices. This cheesy 90's soap opera is full of over-dramatic facial expressions, sappy romantic subplots, and clothes that would have made even the 80s cringe, but that's what makes it so loveable and such a great choice when it comes to learning Spanish!

The episodes and workbook pages will be available to you once you sign up for the session. Don't forget to watch the assigned episode in full and complete the comprehension activity sheet prior to the start of the session. All classes will be conducted almost entirely in Spanish.

Spanish Cooking Club: Cuban Food

Online event


Try a different way of learning by using everyday food vocabulary, commands, and expressions while doing what you love...cooking!

Venezuelan native and professional chef, María Elisa González will guide you step-by-step as you create your own authentic meal from a unique Spanish-speaking country.

You’ll receive an illustrative recipe booklet and a grocery list shortly after you book the class, so you’ll have plenty of time to purchase the ingredients and will be able to cook with us from your own kitchen with an easy-to-understand guide for Spanish speakers of all levels!

What are you waiting for? Book your class now and join us on a wonderful cooking journey!

*All Cooking Club Events are either vegetarian or include a vegetarian option.

Sign up at https://www.worklifespanish.com/all-levels-cooking-club.html

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