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WORLD BADMINTON CLUB is opening KIDS’ group training, mainly from age 4 to 14. We will split our training to 2 groups: Beginner & Intermediate Group. Our beginner group focuses on a lot on Fundamental Strokes and Footwork for players as we think these programs play a huge role on future development of the players. For Intermediate Group, we focus more on building the Physical, Advance skills, Knowledge. Besides this, we also have physical training session planned by a professional certified fitness trainer to guide and improve the players' physical properly.

Our group of coaches is extremely Passionate and Committed in improving the local badminton scene. They were also players who participated in many competitions as some of them represented Singapore to compete nationally and internationally, such as SEA Games and other international competitions. They gained a lot of experience and knowledge on the way. We are very excited about this as we are able have this opportunity to impart our experience and knowledge to those who are interested in picking badminton as a new sport or improving their badminton knowledge. Feel free to PM us to enquire more about the training fee and the schedule of our training!

Let your children learn something new and fun at the same time which allows them to develop better balance and coordination with that requires basic motor skills. Come join us now :)

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