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What’s your definition of Chatbots? Artificial Intelligence? Or even Conversational User Interfaces? Depending where you’re coming from, your country, your definition might be way different than others.

This group aims to connect humans from all over the world to talk about the culture, community, landscape, size of market, opportunities, & experiences building & launch bots in their countries.

Once in a year, between events like Facebook F8 and Google I/O, we reunite with global community leaders to discuss and share stories about their ecosystem:

• In 2017, we had about 8 countries and 40+ people in the audience (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfBCjqq7Swc) @ Mozilla.
• In 2018, we had about 24 countries and 90+ people in the audience (https://www.facebook.com/botsbrasil/videos/442022989543782/) @ Slack.

As the global “bot” industry expands, it’s time to share experiences and push the industry to a more conversational future. Our goal is to promote lots of networking with global folks, share knowledge and learned lessons, business cases and more.

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Conversation Design Patterns

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World Bot Meetup #3 @ Slack

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