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We're the leading meetup for experienced skiers who want learn how to SKI MOGULS, STEEPS, POWDER and CARVED TURNS like world class skiers.

Are you and intermediate or advanced skier, age 18+ in New York who wants to master bumps, steeps, powder and make new friends?

World Class Ski Technique masterclasses are based on dry land learning methods that ski racers and instructors use to achieve high performance skiing.

Most recreational skiers never experience this kind of in-depth training.

In online masterclasses, we’ll use slow motion analyses of world class skiers, photomontage and live class discussion to help you get to the next level of skiing.

Masterclasses are designed to be informative, fun and opportunities to meet other great people and skiers.


Dan is a former PSIA certified instructor and director of physical education skiing courses in New York. He’s taught thousands of skiers in New York and California how to ski better and have more fun.

Dan is author of “The Skiers Gift Book that’s Sweeping the Globe (https://www.amazon.com/Skiers-Gift-thats-Sweeping-Globe/dp/0578577704)” an Amazon best seller that is enjoyed by skiers in five countries.

Dan began these masterclasses in 2014 to help experienced skiers understand learn the secrets of high-performance skiing and help them apply them when they hit the slopes.

Learn advanced skiing skills used by world class skiers to ski bumps, steeps, deep powder and make quick, linked turns.

Use on-snow games you can use to improve your skiing while having more fun!

Each masterclass covers different topics and builds upon prior sessions.

These are social events as well as a learning opportunities. So, enjoy your hot cocoa or favorite beverage while improving your skiing and making new friends!

Get the kind of ski training few recreational skiers ever experience.

Join us and welcome!

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