What we're about

We are the new age, modern group that’s looking to bring dating, group interaction and other event meet ups to a new level!!

Members can join our group and participate in meet-ups, where we will meet in different places and discuss new technology, techniques, and advice to get those looking to meet new people and find events a whole new perspective! Go on dates, random group connections, explore restaurants, night life, make/save time & money and explore exciting things in your area! In this group we meet and share the tools and events to make it happen!

Today is a tricky world, sometimes you’re just not on the same page, time and conversation gets wasted online that resulted in not meeting new people, sometimes it’s just a difficult journey to find a great date or group to meet with that can be a lasting adventure..... sound familiar?

Well join us! And see how we can keep the fire 🔥 burning in this technologically advancing world! ❤️ 🌏

Past events (2)

Speed Dating| Card Game Style | 25-40

Red Rooster Harlem

Get to Know Me | Game Card Speed Dating!

Red Rooster Harlem

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