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So, while I'm a fan of tabletop role playing games, in general, I always seem to gravitate back to the games that sparked my interest in the hobby back in 1994. The World of Darkness, starting with that big, beautiful, green tome (VtM) will always be my first love among many. This group is for anyone who is interested in meeting other folks to play ANY of the game lines from the classic World of Darkness, as well as the Chronicles of Darkness (formerly the "New World of Darkness"). Ideally, this would constitute a group of mature-minded people who favor "story" and "role-playing" over dice rolling and stat crunching. That said, if you want to run a game that is heavy on mechanics and find a group of players who prefer that, have at it! I'm not a LARPer, myself, but, if thats your thing, feel free to use this group to organize a live action game as well.

The geographical area for this group will comprise all of southern NJ (Burlington County and south). That said, if you live in northern NJ, eastern PA, or northern DE and don't mind driving a little further to play, you are welcome as well. I won't be requiring any fees to join this group, but I will certainly take donations if you're feeling generous.

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