What we're about

This meetup is for open-minded, intelligent people who are want to learn and and explore geographical and cultural aspects of other countries in the world. Each month, we'll explore a new country and its culture. Monthly meetings will be discussions and exchanges rather than lectures. I hope each participant will be willing to bring some interesting information to the group for discussion. When possible, I may be able to have an individual come to the group who is a native or who has lived or traveled extensively to a particular country.

We may have the monthly meeting at a restaurant (appropriate for the country) or at a member's home or at another locale.

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World Geography and Culture - Country by Country Meetup

Happy New Year in 2019 to all! I'd like to ask for your suggestions for a country you'd like to learn about next and a corresponding local venue. If you have recently lived in, worked or visited a country and would like to be a presenter for the Meetup (or a host/ess), please let me know. Thanks and hope to see you soon.

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Colombia Meetup

La chiva restaurant