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This Meetup is for all those who are fascinated by the human Mind Science of Clinical Hypnotherapy and are considering a career in this field and wish to talk to a professional, face-to-face to get expert and honest guidance regarding the latest innovations and the finest training available for Hypnotherapy Certification.

This group is for knowledge sharing, community outreach and to foster a new generation of highly inspired professionals in the field of Hypnotherapy.

This is NOT a marketing forum.

Whether you are someone in the field of Healthcare, Psychology, Complementary/Alternative or Holistic Health, Nursing, Wellness or Allied Health Services looking to incorporate highly effective tools or perhaps a young graduate looking for a careen driven by your passion and interest in the human mind, or simply someone curious to know more but didn't know whom to talk to....this is the perfect forum for you!!

This Meetup is designed to be a casual chat in a relaxed set up to get upclose and personal with Dr. Sonia Gupte, CHt an expert trainer and therapist in a powerful new technique called "Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy" that is revolutionizing this field.

Additionally, Dr. Sonia brings a unique perspective on hypnotherapy considering she has been a medical professional, practicing as a Family Physician for 15 years. And, the deep experience she caries based on over 1000 highly successful cases using 'Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy' will give you a most accurate understanding of what this profession entails. Her expertise also extends to integrating the application of hypnotherapy with mainstream medical practice and taking her hypnotherapy practice worldwide by going "online".


We discuss EKAA Foundation’s Certification program in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy, approved by IMDHA. Brought to the United States by ENSO-NIA, Dr. Sonia's Center for Mind and Life Transformation, based in San Diego.

The World’s Most Innovative Hypnotherapy Training Program, which is now available in San Diego. For aspiring therapists seeking a world-class certification. We discuss how this training can potentially transform your life. For the better.


The “EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy” program is a world-class training program in hypnotherapy that has revolutionized the field of Human Wellness by seamlessly integrating 5 powerful, therapeutic modalities into one cutting edge program for Health and Wellness Practitioners looking for speedy results, lasting resolutions and complete healing. This unique combination provides a vast array of tools for resolving a broad spectrum of cases with remarkable results for a highly successful practice.

1. Clinical Hypnotherapy

2. Inner Child Regression Therapy/Age Regression

3. Past Life Regression

4. Metaphysical aspects of Disease

5. Energy Work


The “EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy” program is designed for all those in the Health and Wellness sector, Medical, Alternative and Integrative Medicine Practitioners, Psychologist, Therapists, Allied Health Workers and Holistic Practitioners looking for new, ground-breaking tools and techniques to enhance their practice for speedy resolutions in their patients and clients.It is also designed for all who wish to embark on a successful professional career in the flourishing Wellness industry with a globally recognized certification in the field of hypnotherapy.

This is the most comprehensive and world-class training program delivered by exceptional trainers, 100% in-class, hands-on learning experience with live demonstrations, practice and a unique post-training, mentored internship program that will make you an outstanding therapist.


The most important aspect of this training is the remarkable trainers. 3 out of the 5 levels will be conducted by Yuvraj Kapadia, who is the Founder and CEO of the EKAA Foundation and also the founder of this phenomenally successful program. Yuvraj is one of the most influential thought leaders in the field of hypnotherapy today.

Yuvraj will be joined by Dr. Sonia Gupte, who has carved out a unique niche in the world of hypnotherapy after she migrated from the world of conventional medicine, turning from a “Doctor to a Healer” with world-wide success in her practice.


The EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Program is globally recognized and approved by IMDHA, USA.


IMDHA is the largest Hypnosis organization focusing on Hypnosis and Healthcare.Founded in 1986, IMDHA promotes greater acceptance of hypnosis as a complementary protocol with broad applications.The members cross a broad rage of occupations and professions. They include and are not limited to: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, doctors, nurses, dentists as well as teachers, addictions counselors, priests, ministers and a vast variety of therapists. This allows for a cross fertilization of ideas and applications that meshes neatly with current trends, such as mind-body-spirit health and integrative medicine.Member benefits include, among others, an International Referral Service of excellently trained, Certified Hypnosis Professionals and Professional Liability Insurance.


Dedicated to the advancement of hypnosis worldwide for 15 years. Headquartered in Mumbai, India and operating globally, EKAA Foundation is one of the world’s largest training institute specializing in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy and Regression therapy with a significant track record. EKAA training is offered across India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Nairobi...and now coming to California.

15 Years

56 Cities

13,380 Students

2,292 Certified Therapists 66 Certified Trainers


enso-nia is a center for acquiring deep knowledge and profound life transformation using the power of our sub-conscious mind. We are focused on brilliantly simple yet extraordinarily powerful and life changing intervention tools and techniques that create quick and permanent results.Simply, we provide the tools to transform lives. We provide world-class, mind and life transformation training programs, workshops and therapies delivered by recognized experts dealing with the human subconscious mind. In the United States and world-wide.


Dr. Sonia

(Note Dr. Sonia does not practice as a General Physician in the United States.)

Discover more about Dr. Sonia: https://www.enso-nia.com/sonia-gupte/

Discover more about Yuvraj Kapadia: https://www.enso-nia.com/yuvraj-kapadia/

Discover more about the EKAA Program: https://www.enso-nia.com/curriculum/

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