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Hybrids, Electrics and Diesels, OH MY! Workshop


Join CarbonfreeDC for a practical workshop on clean(er) personal transportation options... Our two expert speakers, Beniot Colin (Plug In America) and Seena Faqiri (EcoDriving USA / AutoAlliance), will explain how to choose between diesel/gas/hybrid/plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, depending on your own commute and living situation. The presenters will also give advice on how to reduce your environmental footprint and save money in a traditional vehicle with special "hypermilage" and city driving techniques. Lastly, we'll reflect on the evolution of transportation in the DC Metro area specifically.

FREE TICKETS TO WASHINGTON AUTO SHOW This workshop will be especially relevant as the Washington Auto Show, featuring the latest in hybrid and electric vehicles, is held January 27-31. We'll be giving away dozens of free tickets at the workshop, so be sure to RSVP and come by!

EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK TOUR ON TUESDAY Seena can give us a sneak preview behind-the-scenes tour of the DC Auto Show. CarbonfreeDC members have to register on-line before, and put "CarbonFreeDC" as their company name at https://www.regisys.c... ( because it's an invite-only event and runs 5-8pm on Tuesday the 26th.

Light hors d'oeuvres - Entertainment
The Walter E. Washington Convention Center
5:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, Washington, DC

RSVP requested by January 22, 2010


Benoit Colin
With Benoit Colin who is an independent expert on clean transportation. He is affiliated with Plug In America, the largest customer advocacy group for plug-in vehicles. Benoit promotes the electrification of
transportation and the use of smarter, cleaner automobiles through his website and consultancy He is a fervent advocate for car-sharing and bike-sharing. Benoit is a French national, member of CarbonfreeDC and has been living in the District for almost 2 years.

Seena Faqiri
Seena Faqiri is the Director of Public Affairs at the Alliance of Automobiles and the manager of the EcoDrivingUSA program. EcoDrivingUSA is a national program that educates drivers on how to save money on fuel and reduce their carbon emissions... right now. The program provides easy tips for smarter and safer driving. Seena shares information on EcoDriving at auto shows, through website communications, events, advertising, and blog outreach. She also manages auto-related projects at the Auto Alliance.


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