Past Meetup

Urban Farming Workshop


Greetings everyone!

Come learn about how to grow your own food, participate in a community garden and get more involved in the movement to eat local. Hear about local food security and nutrition issues in DC and how community-based food systems is an important vehicle for addressing those issues.

Our speakers will be:

Anita Adalja, an urban grower and educator at Common Good City Farms which is an urban farm and community education center here in DC.

Meredith Shepard, founder of Love and Carrots which is an organic gardening and landscaping company in the District. Meredith will be joined by David Morris who is the Assistant Manager of Love and Carrots.

We look forward to seeing you there and having a great discussion about how each us can personally get involved in local, neighborhood-level food production and also help correct larger food justice issues in our city.


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