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If you have a hunger to worship the One True Elohim who made the heavens and the earth - flat with the sun, moon and stars a short way above in the firmament - and placed you on this earth to worship and serve Him; please join us !

Let us take opportunity to take time to worship Yahweh Elohim and his Son, our Saviour, Yahshua HaMashiach and declare His victory as per Psalm 2 over all the vain plots of the kings and rulers of this dark world.

It is time we raised a shout in prayer for the oppressed who are suffering under the many little spoken of conspiracies against mankind, perpetrated by the global elite. We shall also consider how we can embark on some practical initiatives to bring salvation to the lost and relief to the suffering.

We will take time to discuss various conspiracies but will avoid going in too dark areas/detail. It will be so that we have healthy knowledge for wisdom to help others around us and to direct our own families along the paths of righteous living.

We believe in the foundations of Christian faith in so far as salvation cannot be earned by works, but only through the blood of Yahshua (Yah-saves !), as shadowed and prophesied in the Tanak (the "Old Testament") so comprehensively. However, we follow John the Baptist, Yahshua, Peter, James, John and Paul's teachings that there needs to be genuine repentance and baptism and a new heart received by the Spirit of Elohim, with a desire to then live righteous, holy and with a wondrous fear of Yahweh Elohim.

We believe that the written Torah is a shadow of the true spiritual Torah of Yahshua, but that obedience through the Spirit is the true aim of the believer - undersatnding what the written Torah means for our lives today. We believe that the written Torah provides strong markers to the true righteousness and morality that should be obeyed for a life of blessing, health and provision.

We oppose the false doctrine of grace that allows the believer to be empowered to live the life they want without eternal consequence to their actions.

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