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    Meet, learn and network with us.


    Andreea Sandu

    Email Marketing - The one without an algorithm to beat

    Is email marketing dead? With a 3600% ROI, it’s definitely not, so let’s learn how to do it right!

    In this talk you’ll learn:
    - how to build your email list and what to send your subscribers
    - how to build a strong relationship you can monetize effectively
    - the structure of a sales campaign
    - behind the scenes - subject lines and emails that had a high conversion rate

    After 10 years in the software industry, Andreea jumped into entrepreneurship and built three successful businesses in the same number of years: a fitness blog monetised through affiliate marketing and a brand partnership with Adidas, an online Yoga studio, and a coaching practice. Andreea will share the marketing strategy that worked across the different niches and business models, and that fits perfectly with her introverted personality: email marketing.


    Morgan Andrews

    The four superpowers of video for business.

    The Spider-Man quote, “With great power comes great responsibility!” actually dates back to 4th Century BC so there’s more than a ring a of truth to it. Business owners feel this responsibility keenly. Combine that feeling with getting your business involved with video marketing, a medium that has the power to take your message farther and wider than any other, and many choose to avoid adding yet another weight to an already full plate. This talk will break down video into its 4 superpowers and give some ideas on how to use them to immediately boost your business.

    Morgan is an award-winning cinematographer, drone pilot and film producer.

    He started his video production company Morgisbord Media in 2017 with a focus on corporate and narrative films and the following year he established a highly successful wedding film company. He has also built a small yet versatile film studio in West Worthing.


  • WorthingDigital Talks: Digital Sustainability

    Colonnade House

    How do we create a modern sustainable digital infrastructure? Join us on January 13th, 2022 for a lively discussion about the role of digital in net zero.

    We'll hear from the following speakers:
    Paul Brewer
    Director for Digital, Sustainability & Resources at Adur & Worthing Councils

    Catherine Howe
    CEO at Adur District and Worthing Borough Councils

    Rebecca Kimber
    MD and founder of create.net - a sustainable, ethically responsible and environmentally friendly web hosting company based in Brighton.

    This is a free event, please let us know you're coming.

  • WorthingDigital Festive Social

    Brewhouse & Kitchen - Worthing

    We'd love to see you all for a catch up at the end of what has been another weird year.
    Join us for a cup of good cheer and some digital banter.

  • LunchtimeTalks

    Online event

    Join us for the tenth ONLINE LunchtimeTalks event on November 25th!

    Grab your lunch, coffee or afternoon pick-me-up and connect, learn and network with us.

    This event is open to all.


    Mo Kanjilal and Allegra Chapman, founders of inclusion consultancy Watch This Sp_ce

    Talk title:
    Inclusive Communications – How To Create Communications To Reach Everyone

    Whether it’s customers, partners, suppliers or employees, every business needs to work out how to create communications to reach a wide range of people. It’s something that has to be thought about right from the start. And it’s so easy to fall into traps of creating communications which exclude, or worse offend people. And it will affect how successful your business is.

    If you can’t reach the right people, then how will you get people interested in what you’re doing?

    The talk will cover:
    - Why you need to reach different people
    - The basics of inclusive communications
    - How to create communications to include and reach everyone
    - Additional tips and tricks to help you
    - Q&A




  • Get Online Week: Get started with Instagram

    Online event

    As part of our #GetOnlineWeek series in partnership with CityFibre, the aim of this event is to give an insight into using Instagram and how to get started with it from a photographer's point of view.

    Learn from a once-upon-a-time social media newbie who was determined to get started on Instagram, the perfect platform for her as a creative living and working in Brighton.

    About 8 years ago, photographer and artist Moose Azim began using Instagram for her own personal use - mainly to share her photos on a new platform and discover new things. She quickly realised, alongside developing her various roles at Recovery College and East Side Print CIC, that Instagram can be a very effective way of engaging with audiences and raising awareness of the different projects she was spearheading.

    Moose will share her story of how she discovered the power of Instagram and her hints and tips to getting started and maintaining an engaging profile.

  • Get Online Week: Art, death and curiosity

    Freedom Works Digital Hub

  • Get Online Week: From zero to website

    Online event

    As part of our #GetOnlineWeek series in partnership with CityFibre, the aim of this event is to help you get your own website up and running.

    Would you like to have your own website? John Dalziel, web developer and WorthingDigital co founder, will show you how to get your own website set up, built cheaply and with no code.

    Using the GOW2021.com website as an example, John will talk you through the process, from domain name registration to pushing a website live.

  • LunchtimeTalks

    Online event

    Join us for the ninth ONLINE LunchtimeTalks event on October 8th!

    Grab your lunch, coffee or afternoon pick-me-up and connect, learn and network with us.

    This event is open to all.


    Rory Berry
    Founder of Roaring Berry - training, coaching and mentoring

    Making it up and taking a beat - Life and business lessons from Improv

    Rory will share insights and learnings from the world of improv that are as relevant to your life and business as they are to the stage.

    Slowing down to speed up is often said, but sometimes we need to slow down to keep going.

    Rory Berry is a Life and executive coach as well as Corporate Trainer who champions play as a way to learn and grow.

    Alice Reeves
    Co-founder of The Joyful and Director of The Joyful Academy

    How to Use Instagram for Digital Business

    Instagram isn’t just for travel bloggers, fashion influencers and B2C businesses anymore. In fact, almost 40% of B2B decision makers say they use Instagram to research new products or services. With just over a billion users globally and almost 30 million in the UK alone, more and more digital businesses are using Instagram successfully to promote their brand and services, and connect with new clients.

    In this talk, social media expert Alice Reeves (who once won a client through Instagram because “you have pink hair” – true story!) runs through the most effective ways that business owners and individuals can use Instagram to:

    - Raise your business profile
    - Reach your ideal customers
    - Generate impactful conversations around your industry

    In a whistlestop tour of Instagram’s features, Alice will focus on:

    - Building a stand-out profile
    - Leveraging Instagram’s unique features
    - Giving your posts the best chance of being seen

    Alice Reeves is Director of The Joyful Academy, part of The Joyful collective. She has over a decade’s experience in journalism, copywriting, strategic content creation and social media marketing across numerous sectors including B2C, B2B and non-profits.

  • WorthingDigital Social

    Brewhouse & Kitchen - Worthing

    Join us for our last in person event before the summer break.

    This will be an informal, free to attend get together. Catch up with your fellow local digital types in the relaxed surroundings of the Brewhouse & Kitchen garden.

    We're looking to seeing you, whether you're a longtime member or new to the group.

  • LunchtimeTalks

    Online event

    Join us for the eighth ONLINE LunchtimeTalks event on July 15th!

    Grab your lunch, coffee or afternoon pick-me-up and connect, learn and network with us.

    This event is open to all.


    Rebecca Kimber, CEO of Create.net
    How to make your digital business more sustainable

    In this talk Rebecca will share Create's journey over the last 12 months as they work to become a carbon-neutral company. How this mission has shifted to become a primary focus that influences company strategy and the decisions they make, and the action they've taken along the way to make this happen.

    The climate crisis is constantly in the news and on people's minds but it's sometimes hard to know how to start. Most digital businesses will have a smaller footprint than traditional industries so our sector have an opportunity to lead the way in Net Zero targets. It's easier than you think to take small actions that when done together with others can have a big impact.

    Rebecca Kimber is the CEO of Create.net a Brighton-based company that enables anyone to get online with their own website. Carbon neutral hosting, fast to use drag and drop website building tools, and no need for code or jargon have made it a popular choice with many thousands of small business owners since 2001.


    Barney Durrant, Founder and MD of Bluebell Digital
    10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Digital Presence Right Now

    This talk includes actionable tips on how to improve your digital presence and market your business effectively online.

    Barney worked for Google in London and now runs his own digital marketing consultancy, Bluebell Digital.

    Bluebell Digital helps businesses succeed by developing an effective, results-driven digital strategy.