All-Day Writing Retreat and Potluck

Write-On Hendersonville
Write-On Hendersonville
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Needs a location


Last time was a great experience, so let's do it again! Enjoy uninterrupted time dedicated to your writing. We'll work on our individual writing projects from 10 am until about 4:00, then share what we produced during the day, while enjoying wine, cheese and snacks to make the sharing more pleasant. After that, we'll have a potluck meal together. We'll send location details after your attendance is confirmed.

If you get restless during the day and need to take breaks, that's can walk outside, run to the store, shop online, or do whatever you need to do to recharge yourself. If you want to chat with others in attendance, just be mindful of members who are working in your area and try to find a spot where you won't disturb anyone.

Please bring snacks, beverages and a lunch to sustain you during the day and a potluck dish to share at the end. Feel free to ask any questions. We'll send everyone directions as the date approaches.