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A peer to peer meet-up for documentarians. If you care about helping your readers have an awesome experience when they finally do read the docs, this meetup is for you. If you want to meet with other people that have chosen this path in the London area, to share war stories or to get inspired, come and join us on one of our meetups. This meetup was inspired by the Write the Docs movement, please visit: http://www.writethedocs.org for more information.

Write the Docs is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any event venue, including talks. Event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event without a refund (if applicable) at the discretion of the event organizers. You can find our CoC at the Write the Docs website (http://www.writethedocs.org/code-of-conduct/).

We try to record and then publish the presentations/talks so those unable to attend can also benefit. Please take note that by attending you agree to this.

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Open Source and Tech Writing

10 Whitechapel High St

Happy 2019! We're excited to welcome Sarah Maddox (Google) to the next meetup. She'll be presenting a talk called "Open Source and Technical Writing". About the talk Open source is great. Some of the world’s most-used software is open source: the Linux operating system, Firefox web browser, LibreOffice, Apache web server, to name but a few well-known brands. Large companies like Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, and IBM contribute to as well as use open source code. Open source ideology is great too. People share code in public repositories, collaborate on making the code better, invite others to join their communities… and all too often, expect those newcomers to understand the product, the code, and the community’s values with very little good documentation. Why the dearth of good docs? Because writing documentation is hard. But wait… there are people who know how to do it well! Join us to hear how tech writing skills are essential to the world of open source, and how rewarding it is for a tech writer to contribute to open source projects. Learn about Google’s new *Season of Docs* program (https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/), which fosters collaboration between tech writers and open source projects. If you're a tech writer interested in open source docs, this new program may be right up your street! About Sarah Sarah Maddox is a technical writer at Google. Her current focus is on open source documentation, specifically for Kubeflow. Outside of work you'll often find Sarah strolling around the Australian bush, keeping a lookout for birds and other wildlife. About the venue Since GDS UK is a government building, we have to provide the attendee list to the reception 48 hours before. Make sure you sign up for the meetup if you come, and if you know you can't attend, please cancel in time so others can take your place. Thanks!

Documentation Accessibility

1-13 St Giles High St

Documentation is a vital channel for conveying information to users effectively, but users with disabilities face challenges in accessing it. How can we make documentation more accessible? What are the basic accessibility factors? What are the tools we can consider? Any core steps and standards to follow regardless of document format? Apply to be a Speaker We're looking for volunteers who can share their work on accessibility, more specifically on documentation accessibility. Contact us via Write The Docs Slack (#london channel) - ping @kvantomme, @benjamin or @ddbeck. Both lightning and full-length talks are welcome! Venue Benjamin and Sharif will host us at Google's HQ, in the awesome Lala Library.

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Build your Docs career: All-Day Event, in partnership with GDS

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