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Enabling Walkup Contributions to Your Project Documentation

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Everett Toews, Developer Advocate at Rackspace Hosting, will share his experience using Git and Markdown to make it easier for the community to propose changes to their documentation.

Please arrive by 6pm. I want to start sort of promptly, by 6:05. (I'll be there by 5:30.)

The building entry doors will be locked at 7pm.

I'll appreciate help cleaning up, so we can depart by 8:30.


A common complaint against many open source projects is documentation. Insufficient, incorrect, non-existent, hard to find, and difficult to update are things we typically all hear. There are a lot of different ways to tackle these problems. There's no silver bullet but one of my favorite tactics is lowering the barriers for absolutely anyone to contribute documentation.

Ideally, lowering the barriers means:

  • using a common and well understood documentation markup language

  • using documentation editors that are commonly available

  • not requiring your contributors to install and configure tools

  • providing a preview of the updates to make reviews reviews easier

Learn how Apache jclouds has enabled walkup contributions to our project documentation. We've benefited from better documentation, shorter review times, and building community through contribution.

Write The Docs PDX
Write The Docs PDX
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