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What we’re about

What Is The London Write Together Writing Group?

Writing can be difficult and lonely. Sometimes we need to get out and away from the distractions and excuses which prevent writers from making progress. Going to cafés, parks and other public spaces to write can help, but wouldn't it be good to also be part of a group of writers?

The objective of Write Together is to help London writers achieve their goals in a community that writes, learns, and grows together.

The idea is simple: we meet across the week in various different venues to write for a set period of time, e.g. two hours. What you write is entirely up to you. Each person works on their own and sets their own targets. At the end of the sessions, we socialise together and discuss what we have been working on or other topics of interest.

Why Join A Writing Group?
The advantage of a group like Write Together is that there are others around you, typing, scribbling or looking out into the distance. Their company will help you stay focused, stop you from drifting, and encourage you to keep on writing.

Whether you are looking for a novel writing group; a creative writing group; theatre or screenplays; you have a thesis to complete; you produce non-fiction articles; blogs or you are simply looking for a writing group in London to meet other writers, Write Together could be exactly what you are looking for.

There are no charges for the writing sessions: you won’t have to pay to turn up and write. These events are completely free.

How It Works
The writing part of each event is the the serious part of the meeting and we have strict rules to promote writing:

  • Distractions must be kept to a minimum, so try to avoid using mobile phones or talking. Just pretend you're in a library. If you really have to be noisy then do it away from the group.

  • Writers work on their own projects. There is no sharing or judgement of work. You measure your own progress and success.

  • Unless specifically advertised as otherwise, Write Together sessions are not critique groups. Similarly, this is not a workshop with teachers/mentors, or writing exercises.

  • If the host is delayed, then find other writers and get writing. There are no excuses for not writing.

  • Keep your RSVP updated. It makes it a lot easier for hosts (who may be reserving tables).

  • When events are at a commercial venue (e.g. café or pub) buy something. Think of it as a venue hire fee. DO NOT bring your own food & drink.

Social Sessions
After each designated writing session finishes, there is an optional social gathering. You aren’t required to stick around for these, but they are a great way to meet other writers and share experiences as well as discuss each other’s writing projects. Some groups will hold the social at the same venue as the writing session, others will move to a pub, café or other location. See the event page for the writing group you are planning to attend.

What To Bring
Bring your unfinished project e.g. novel, short story, screenplay, poem, thesis, article, essay etc. Bring pen & paper, computer, tablet, phone or whatever you like using. If it's electronic please check the battery will last because not all venues have available power sockets.

Becoming a Host
Writers want to write as much as they can. Let's make it happen; the more choices of days and locations, the better. If you want to become a host, please message the group organiser.

We want these meetups to be enjoyable and productive. If any problems arise or you have an idea to share, please message the group organiser.