What we're about

Are you a new fiction writer ready for feedback from other writers?

Are you looking to learn creative writing along with others who share similar interests and aspirations?

Are you looking for critiques focused on trouble spots you've identified in your writing?

If any of these apply, this may be the group for you.

Our process:

Each month, you may submit between 500-5,000 words for peer review. If you wish, you may choose to focus the efforts of our members on issues you've identified in your writing. Or, if you prefer, you may leave the critique focus fully in the hands of your reviewers.

Critique sessions will be the writer's opportunity to seek clarification or further details, & ask questions pertaining to reviews received prior to the meeting, offer feedback to critique partners, and offer craft topics related to their work for discussion. You will perform similar reviews for fellow members.

Don't have much experience? Not to worry. We are a friendly and helpful group with a wide range of experience.

Maybe you're just starting out and don't think you have much to offer? Nothing could be farther from the truth. Simply giving your impressions, as a reader, can be of immense value.

So come, learn along with us, and take your writing to the next level by submitting a scene, a short story, or chapters of your novel in progress.

Our requirements:

1) Your submission must be your original fiction in literature form (we don't critique screenplays, poetry, etc.). All fiction genres are welcomed.

2) Submissions must be at least 500 words not to exceed 5,000. Though you may submit each month, submissions are not required .

3) Though you aren't required to submit work, members are required to participate in the review process. Typically, we have 5-6 submissions each month. Don't expect to receive critiques without returning that favor to your fellow members.

4) Regular attendance is required. Members absent for two or more group meetings, without notification of an organizer, may be removed.

5) This group is for adults only. 18+ No exceptions.

I'll promise you one thing. You'll learn more about the craft by actually writing, having others critique your work, and by critiquing that of others than by any other method. Writing a lot and receiving feedback is essential to a writer's growth. Come and grow with us!

This group meets monthly and exchanges work electronically through Dropbox. We keep our group small by requiring regular participation, while understanding that real life is more important.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Critique Session: Author Q&A

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Members who submitted work will have the opportunity to ask question for clarification, provide feedback, and offer points of craft for discussion.

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Critique Session: Author Q&A

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