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This group is for professional and amateur writers and authors who are interested in sharing their personal experiences and ideas through social gatherings and especially their own writings that will be posted on the organizer’s non-profit portal named “Moment of Life ( 生命时刻@世界文化园地 )”, http://www.momentoflife.net . This portal will be read by readers worldwide and the collection of writings on the portal will serve the primary mission of exchange and inheritance of cultures to the next generation. The writers and authors will meet socially and periodically to know each other in person and making friends, exchanging creative ideas and cultures of different nations.

Educated or learned people from all walks of life who are interested in writing and sharing their experiences and ideas with other people should join this group. What they will gain is making friends who are of same interest and have the opportunity to post their writings on a popular portal for many more people to read and share.

We would expect that the different cultures of various group members will be collectively captured and inherited for the ultimate benefit of other group members and the readers, especially the next generation who are fundamentally lacking the opportunity of cultural cultivation in this era of modern living.

网站“Moment of Life ( 生命时刻@世界文化园地)”为非牟利。其创建目的是:【博古通今、培育后代、传承文化、造福社会】。

網站“Moment of Life ( 生命時刻@世界文化園地)”為非牟利。其創建目的是:【博古通今、培育後代、傳承文化、造福社會】。

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Need qualified and interested writers & authors around the world (诚意招募世界各地作家和作者)

We are cordially inviting interested writers and authors around the world to join our non-profit portal named "Moment of Life" ( www.momentoflife.net). The mission of this portal is to exchange and inherit cultures of the world for the ultimate benefit of our next generation. Whoever qualified and interested please send us an email to start the discussion and process today. Our email address is: [masked]. We hope to see you very soon. Thank you! 诚意邀请有兴趣的作家和作者加入我们这个非牟利的网站“Moment of Life ( 生命时刻@世界文化园地)” ( www.momentoflife.net)。网站的使命是:【博古通今、培育后代、传承文化、造福社会】。而我们的目的是:《文化知識共享,貢獻世界人民,創造心中樂園!》。请于今天发送电邮与我们联系。邮箱地址:[masked]. 我们期待能早日和大家见面。谢谢!

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