What we're about

Half book club, half writing group.

Whether you're a beginning writer or a long-time author, honing the craft of writing is an ongoing process. This group is for writers of any level who want to read and discuss books on the craft of writing with other writers.

Each month, we'll read books about writing fiction (the craft of writing or a memoir/theory/philosophy of writing book) and meet once a month to discuss the book, usually the last Sunday of the month. We will also host an informal meeting just to talk books and writing on the second Sunday of the month.

About me:
I'm a freelance editor, author, and lifelong word nerd. I'm always reading books about writing to hone my crafts of writing and editing, and I'd love to meet with others who share my love of the written word.

You can connect with me on Twitter @jenichappelle (http://www.twitter.com/jenichappelle), on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/jeni.chappelle), or at my website, http://www.jenichappelleeditorial.com

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Online Writing: Steering the Craft, Exercise 7

Online event

Our 2021 format includes sharing favorite writing examples, doing exercises together, and giving affirmation and encouragement to each other as we make time to write. We are working our way through Ursula K. Le Guin's "Steering the Craft: A 21st Century Guide to Sailing the Sea of Story". For August 8, we are working on Exercise 7: Points of View. This is a complicated exercise & you may prefer to do it over a couple of sessions. Also, in all other cases it has been possible to do the exercise without reading the chapter -- this time, see if you can get a copy of the book. Her POV examples are fantastic.

The assignment: "Think up a situation for a narrative sketch of[masked] words. It can be anything you like but should involve several people doing something. It doesn't have to be a big, important event... but something should happen. Please use as little or no dialogue in these POV exercises. While the characters talk, their voices cover the POV so you are not exploring that voice, which is the point of this exercise.
Part One: Two Voices
First: Tell your story from a single POV, that of a participant in the event. Use limited third person. Second: retell the story from the POV of one of the other people involved. Use limited third person again.
Part Two: Detached Narrator
Tell the same story with the "fly on the wall" POV
Part Three: Observer-Narrator
Use a character that wasn't involved in the action, only an onlooker. If you didn't have one, add one. Tell the story in their voice, first or third person.
Part Four: Involved (Omniscient) Author
Tell the same story using the involved-author POV. "

We don't count words. It's all about getting warmed up by writing and sharing our observations of the experience and the outcomes.

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Online Writing: Steering the Craft, Exercise 6

Online event

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