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Writing Journeys are reflective events designed to help you cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and your inner wisdom. They can help you feel seen, heard, understood, and appreciated. You may discover more kindness and self-compassion for yourself. Or explore painful stories holding you back. 

Writing is a tool to connect you with your intuition, authentic voice, and personal truth. As well as with the magic, mystery, and meaning in life. 

Even when you feel alone, you are connected to the greater tapestry of life. You are always at the center of your own story, with the power to create your desires.

Examples of topics we’ve covered in monthly meetings include body awareness, perfectionism, internalized blame, and gratitude. We also have guided Story Journeying classes to help you tell your story. And new events as scheduled.

It’s free to join the group. Events may be free or have a charge, sliding scale when possible, to help cover the cost of hosting a meetup and running events, while allowing affordability.

I invite you to step in and explore how the practice of writing can help you with whatever you’re struggling with. This group is open to anyone interested in self-inquiry, introspection, and going deep. You don’t have to be a writer to benefit.

If you’re looking for prompts in between meetings, you can try this free 7 day writing prompt challenge to dip your toes into journaling or deepen your existing practice: https://malarganapathiappan.com/7-day-writing-prompt-challenge/

You can learn more about my approach here: https://malarganapathiappan.com/ 

I hope to connect with you soon!

Upcoming events (2)

Being Seen and Heard: Community Writing Share (FREE)

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This event is a community sharing space to share your writing.

We all have a story to tell. We connect through story, feeling, language, and universal truths.

This event is for writers (as well as those who journal and don’t consider themselves writers) to share some of their writing. It is a practice for embodying your deeper self and giving voice to your words. An opportunity to gain a sense of confidence in yourself and your writing.

You are invited to read aloud (or perform) a written piece that speaks to you. This could be a poem you’ve written, or a section from a personal essay, blog post, memoir draft, fictional story, or journal entry, You may also select a resonant passage from a book or other written piece.

Consider these questions for inspiration on what writing to bring:

  • What is important and meaningful to you?
  • What is alive for you in this moment?
  • What do you wish people knew about you?

Each person who wants to share will have 5-7 minutes (depending on number of participants) to be seen and heard in a supportive space.


  • Brief grounding and centering meditation to connect with your heart
  • Exercises to build safety, get to know the community, and drop into deep presence
  • Sharing space

Sharing is for the purpose of putting voice to your words and being heard and celebrated—not feedback or critique.

Beginners welcome. Open to all types of writing; the main criteria is that what you share speaks to your soul in some way.

Intrigued but not sure you’re ready to share? You’re welcome to attend as an audience member. This is an introvert-friendly space.

Want to be seen and heard, but stumped on what to share? You may share your progress with your writing or simply attend and be inspired by others.

This is a free event. Donations accepted with gratitude at PayPal.me/coachmalar.

Conscious Writing Community Connections: Find a writing buddy (FREE)

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Though writing is a solitary act, you don’t have to do the journey alone. Writing communities help us flourish by meeting our various needs.

Writing buddies are invaluable for accountability, encouragement, support, feedback, empathy, celebrating wins, and sharing resources. There’s a mutual benefit in problem solving together. Open-hearted co-creation and collaboration unlocks new levels of satisfaction with our goals.

It can be difficult to find the right fit in a writing buddy; we all have different needs and desires. You also need to feel comfortable since writing is so vulnerable.

In this event, you’ll meet potential writing buddies through breakout rooms, with questions to guide your interactions. As with all Writing Journeys events, you will connect with your deeper self through conscious guided reflection first.

There will also be an ask and share opportunity for specific short-term needs. You may request advice or feedback on an issue you’re having. You are invited to share your time or a writing-related resource that can help a fellow writer out.


  • Brief grounding meditation
  • Guided reflection time
  • Breakout rooms
  • Group ask and share

This event is based on consent, win-win exchanges, and energetic resonance. The focus is on making low-pressure connections. Introvert friendly. Open to all writing levels and genres.

You’re welcome to come meet fellow heart-centered writers and build community even if you’re not actively seeking a writing buddy.

This is a free event. Donations accepted with gratitude at PayPal.me/coachmalar.

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Write the blog of your heart: Start your journey of self-expression today

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