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Have you struggled with feeling different and disconnected?

Feeling different may feel lonely, like watching life happen. Your differences may feel like an invisible burden keeping you from being connected to your life, and the life you really want.

You might feel disconnected because you’re used to hiding your differences in order to belong or be loved. Afraid to be rejected or abandoned if people knew the real you. Yet longing to feel seen and understood.

Even if your differences make you feel alone, you are connected to the greater tapestry of life. You are always at the center of your own story, with the power to create your desires.

It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. You’re not alone.

Writing is a tool to connect you with your intuition, authentic voice, and personal truth. As well as with the magic, mystery, and meaning in life. Even with creative passion and the divine.


Writing Journeys are reflective events designed to help you cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and your inner wisdom. They can help you feel seen, heard, understood, and appreciated. You may discover more kindness and self-compassion for yourself. Or explore painful stories holding you back.

Examples of topics we’ve covered in monthly meetings include body awareness, perfectionism, internalized blame, and gratitude. We also have guided Story Journeying classes to help you tell your story.

It’s free to join the group. Events will usually have a charge, sliding scale when possible, to help cover the cost of hosting a meetup and running events, while allowing affordability.

I invite you to step in and explore how the practice of writing can help you with whatever you’re struggling with. This group is open to anyone interested in self-inquiry, introspection, and going deep. You don’t have to be a writer to benefit.

If you’re looking for prompts in between meetings, you can try this free 7 day writing prompt challenge to dip your toes into journaling or deepen your existing practice: https://malarganapathiappan.com/7-day-writing-prompt-challenge/

You can learn more about my approach here: https://malarganapathiappan.com/

I hope to connect with you soon!

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Connection through story: Honoring your differences

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Writing Class: Story Journeying (6 weeks)

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Monthly Meeting: Body Awareness

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Monthly Meeting: Internalized Blame

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