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Hosted by published author Amy Romine our weekly meet-up will discuss, debate, brainstorm and get your creative writing juices flowing. With topics ranging from the kernel idea, building solid plots and characters, blogging, to marketing your book on social media and everything in between. Looking for all types of writers, novice, published and the I'm-a-gonna's. Also, all genres are invited poets, bloggers, screenwriters, novelists, shorts, etc. We are all writers and can learn so much from each other. All are welcome. This is not a critique group, this is an educational resource support group.

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Phase 1.1 - Plotting Skeleton

Dennis R. Neill Equality Center

Phase two is getting us to the bones of your book. Let's build a skeleton and see how it looks!

Phase 1.2 - Characters

Dennis R. Neill Equality Center

We have our skeleton now let's start on the meat! Characters are the fuel of the story. Well developed real characters will make your manuscript riveting and a winner. Let's dig in and find out what motivates them!

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Phase One - Kernel Idea, Log Line and Blurb

Dennis R. Neill Equality Center

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