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Beginning Taijiquan (Tai Chi)
Free first class $12 per class or $40 per month Taijiquan seeks harmony with life, with others, and with the universe ("Supreme Ultimate"). It is often called moving meditation because instead of thinking about many things you concentrate on only one: what you are doing at that particular moment. Taijiquan is performed slowly, to involve every muscle (no matter how small) used in the movement and to keep the mind focused on the movement. It is performed with continuous, seamless movement, and with circular, never-ending energy in order to open all the joints and allow qi to flow freely and uniformly. The key elements are relaxation, and mental and physical suppleness. The health benefits of Taijiquan are spectacular and well documented. It is an excellent activity--mentally, physically, and spiritually--for people of all ages and abilities.

WXCMA Classes

289 Flynn Ave · Burlington, vt

What we're about

At Wu Xing (Woo Shing) martial art is a way of life, not a sport. We offer the finest in martial arts instruction at an affordable price. We teach two complete martial arts: Taijiquan and Pudaoquan.

Our adults-only classes function as a family. Our school has a friendly and conversational atmosphere, completely geared towards learning quickly and well.

We approach everything with the attitude, "If he can do it, and she can do it, then I can do it!"

We offer:

A clear mind
A calm spirit
Improved health and fitness
Effective self-defense skills

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