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XiThink by Academy Xi (http://academyxi.com/) is a regular Meetup for Design Thinkers, Doers, Creators and Change-Makers.

We're bringing together leaders in Digital, Experience Design, Emerging Tech & Innovation to elevate the conversation as well as network, discuss, grow and show.

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Empathy design: Characters for personas

Academy Xi

**** Please note: This is a PAID workshop ($100) and registration is required via the event page here - http://bit.ly/2p7LXP3 **** Stories are the only tool we have to see inside another person’s point of view. In a business context, storytelling is increasingly being used as an empathic method to create a greater understanding between stakeholders. It allows us to shape messages that are truly meaningful to our audiences. Our workshop Empathy design: Characters for personas will focus on teaching you how to understand the people you are communicating with and how to design services that reflect your empathy. You’ll learn to use advanced persona development techniques, and how to draw deep insights from this process. This session is suitable for people working across communications, change delivery, product management or innovation teams. It is recommended that you have some prior knowledge of what a persona is and how it’s used to design products, services and marketing/communication strategies. You’ll also walk away knowing how to: - Create an emotional character for a persona - Position your story with a sticky headline - Learn a storytelling framework to provide empathy touchpoints within the development phase of the double diamond - Produce a pitch for presentations to sell or create buy-in Speaker: Megan Davis Lead Storyteller at Spendlove and Lamb Megan Davis, Lead Storyteller at Spendlove and Lamb, has been crafting narratives in Melbourne and around the world since 2012. Spendlove and Lamb specialise in narrative strategy and storytelling frameworks for innovation. Megan has been developing the craft of storytelling since she debuted on stage at the tender age of seven years old. Putting empathy first in business and life, Megan loves sharing her knowledge by speaking, training and consulting on projects that are changing the world.

Deep dive into SEO and SEM

Academy Xi

***Please note: This is a PAID workshop ($70) and registration is required via the event page here - http://bit.ly/2MtlB2b *** Sometimes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM(Search Engine Marketing) or Organic vs Paid feel like worlds at war, but the truth is they should work together and should always be a collaboration, not a battle. We explore the key areas of SEO and SEM that you need to know about. Following on from our earlier event SEO vs SEM: How to get the right mix, this workshop will cover: - An introduction to SEO and SEM working together: similarities, differences, keywords research demonstration, general strategy - The importance of landing pages and supportive content: quality score, relevancy score, writing for SEO and SEM, funnels for MQL and SQLs - How to ensure effective reporting: setting goals and tracking progress Speakers: Steve Hunter Clikk Managing Director Steve is a Google Ads expert who loves to help companies big and small to make their accounts work for them. Drawing on decades of fixing things, Clikk helps him educate and support his clients with plain business talk like ROI and living up to its motto of: "Digital Marketing Made Simple". Ian Hopkinson Founder of Mad Scientist Digital Ian Hopkinson is the Founder of Mad Scientist Digital, where his expertise extends from social media, to SEO and analytics. As a musician turned entrepreneur, Ian was working in the US when he realised his skills and passion could be used to support startups from a range of industries. It was then that he realised he was an entrepreneur and digital creative. Ian returned to Australia to live and work, building Mad Scientist Digital to help local and global businesses navigate the disruptions of the digital revolution.

Will machines outsmart us?

Academy Xi

*** Please, register via the event page here - http://bit.ly/2mMyH1x *** What not long ago seemed to be futuristic, and for some a dystopian notion, artificial intelligence (AI) is now firmly integrated into our everyday lives. Every time you Google something, ask Siri a question or see facial-recognition tags come up on Facebook, you are interacting with some form of Machine Learning algorithm. With the exponential advancement of this technology, many in this space now think it’s only a matter of time until AI overtakes most human capabilities. So is this real, or an overreaction? At our event ‘Will machines outsmart us?’, our presenter Jack Rust will: - Conduct an experiment to answer this question - Give a non-technical overview of Machine Learning - Discuss how Artificial Neural Networks function, and give examples of how they can be used By the end of this session you should feel confident enough with the inner workings of AI and Machine Learning to bore your friends and family at dinner parties. Please note that no prior experience with software development of machine learning is needed to attend this event. Speaker: Jack Rust Product Manager Jack has tutored music, maths and software, worked as a software engineer and is currently a Product Manager at PageUp. Despite being locked away from the code, in his day job he still tinkers on pet projects in his downtime. He also has a Bachelor in Robotics and will happily talk about Artificial Intelligence until asked to stop.

Crafting the ultimate LinkedIn profile

Academy Xi

*** Please, register for the event via the event page here - http://bit.ly/32hgsRq *** LinkedIn is one of the best tools we can use to effectively communicate our Personal Brand. Used correctly, it can help us raise our visibility, get known, grow our professional network as well as tap into that elusive hidden job market. Our online presence is essential to attracting job opportunities and puts us in a great position to be headhunted too. Having come from a background in recruitment, Johnathan Maltby has spent 100s of hours trawling LinkedIn for the best talent. As a result, he knows exactly what it takes to really stand out. At our presentation Crafting the ultimate LinkedIn profile, Johnathan will take you through each of the key sections of your LinkedIn profile and how to structure your content for maximum impact and get noticed by recruiters, hiring managers or potential clients. By knowing what to put under the right categories, you can make your profile more attractive to those trying to find the skills and experience you possess. Johnathan will also share key strategies and techniques to help you: - Create a powerful LinkedIn headline that captures and communicates your personal brand. - Write a personal summary that clearly communicates who and what you are, your key areas of expertise and what makes you valuable as a professional - Grow your professional network and manage new connection requests - Get your profile to all-star status on LinkedIn If you’d like further guidance on the job application process beyond your LinkedIn profile, then join us for our full-day career workshop being held on Saturday November 9. Presenter: Johnathan Maltby Personal Branding and Career Consultant Johnathan is a Personal Branding and Career Consultant with extensive experience in helping people advance in their career. His unique style of coaching and breakthrough strategies enables you to take control of your career by helping you identifying exactly who and what you are professionally as well as uncover your unique strengths and skills. He can teach you how to confidently talk about yourself, communicate your brand and manage the way people perceive you in a professional sense so someone asks you “so tell me about yourself”, you are able to answer with certainty and confidence. Johnathan runs group workshops and master classes in personal branding as well as individual coaching sessions. He is also a regular speaker at events and on discussion panels.

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