Y7K x Elizabeth Immer & Klaus Heyden - Better products with behavioral economics

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What is behavioral economics, other than a buzzword (or for others, a vague or dusty scientific term)? How can product designers make the most of behavioral economics insights to create consequentially better products? In an interactive presentation, Elizabeth and Klaus will bring the buzzword concept of “behavioral economics” closer to home, so participants can start to intentionally make use of the discipline to enrich their products. And if they’re up to it, the group will take matters into their own hands, using behavioral economics to “solve” a case.

The talk will be held in English.

#About Elizabeth Immer

As Behavioral Customer Experience Lead at the Ergonomen in Zurich, Elizabeth helps companies tackle some of their most stymieing “people-related” challenges. She is passionate about searching for the answer to the question “Why do people do what they do (in this situation)?" The answers, founded in empirical and often scientific evidence, lay the groundwork for powerful product design and optimization. Elizabeth has a background in behavioral economics (scientific research and applied behavioral sciences) with experience spanning the US, Australia, the Gulf Region and Switzerland. Say “hi” on twitter @immerliz

#About Klaus Heyden

In his role as Concept & Prototyping Lead/Sr. UX Consultant at the Ergonomen, Klaus focuses on understanding how customers use products to solve their problems and the challenges they face in doing so – and to optimize products to alleviate these challenges. Klaus has a background in organizational psychology and cognitive ergonomics.