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We are all about shared learning in software development and craftsmanship. We share success stories and learning moments from experienced speakers who work with different technologies and practices. If you're a developer, engineer, analyst, architect, project/product/delivery manager, CTO or you're interested in continuous learning opportunities from experts and their experiences with various software technologies, this group is for you!

About YOW!

YOW! was founded by Dave Thomas in 2008. We started in Australia by bringing together the local developers and engineers communities to connect them with our network of international speakers in software development for the purpose of shared learning and innovation.

We don't favour specific technologies or brands, but rather focus on software craftsmanship and excellence. We believe that supporting developers with an independent platform where they can learn, develop and network with peers and experts will support growth.

You can find out more on http://www.yowconference.sg

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Controlling Features in Production with Feature Flags

Online event

Our first event for 2022 is our online meetup with Dawn Parzych from LaunchDarkly on Wednesday 2 Feb, 9am (SG).

We often think about speed and danger as being closely related, but we now have empirical proof that faster, smaller releases tend to cause fewer outages and less downtime for our software systems. Learn how you can control features in production with feature flags and progressive delivery.

Register for free at https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/13679-controlling-features-in-production-with-feature-flags

#FeatureFlagManagement #featureflags #DevOps #SoftwareDelivery

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