What we're about

For young professionals and entrepreneurs to meet and connect, collaborate and network with fellow professionals, career counselors, mentors and investors, .

Primary, the group is for fresh graduates, rising young professionals in their 20s and 30s, seeking career guidance and/or help in their entrepreneurial journey.

Secondary, to complete the need of the primary, the group also require some accomplished professionals in their line of business to inspire, motivate, guide, mentor, hire and/or invest (time/money) for these rising young professionals.

Tertiary, the group need to support its objectives and the sponsors can help. The group will require a venue to meet, food and drinks and many other essentials while networking, which can be supported by select sponsors.

On the day of the event:

The young professional will present a 3 minute elevator pitch to potential investors or a 3 minute presentation of their professional profile for a prospective job.

The accomplished/established/senior professionals of the group can speak about their inspiring stories, speech on career and professional growth, present any opportunities of hiring or investing.

The sponsors can make a 3 minute presentation of their products/services to the group and for a TV show and also be part of social media promotion.

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Young Professional Networking Event

Fullerton Maserati

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