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YWednesday - Monthly Business Mentor Night
YWednesday is a monthly meetup and extension of YWorkshops where entrepreneurs, freelancers, makers and others can connect, collaborate with other business owners and get mentorship advice. Being a small business owner often requires wearing many different hats and limited resources means outsourcing is not always an option. Held monthly on the second Wednesday, each event aims to provide valuable access to experts who can help community members work through specific obstacles, provide advice and support. Are you working on a specific goal? Alone or in a team? Use this event as an opportunity to meet with your team-mates, have access to industry mentors, advance your company, and of course, build industry relationships. What to expect: 1. Each month we introduce 2-4 mentors leading the events, representing various industries. 2. We kick off the event with a simple introduction, where afterwards advisors will stop by desks and you'll get a chance to ask them questions and get support that you're looking for. There is no tight agenda and instead we are encouraging the spirit of collaboration and using this opportunity to meet others. This event will be especially beneficial to you if you: - Are a business owner and want to advance your company - Are thinking about starting your own business and have questions - Are freelancing and are looking for connections - Are interested in entrepreneurship in general - Want to mentor and give back to the community Location TBD

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YWorkshops is a mobile application with How-To Guides from real people on HOW to start and advance your businesses and ideas.

We've launched in 2017 as an events company where we featured business owners, athletes, entrepreneurs and other successful individuals who share their story and how they got to where they are. This year we are expanding to have more hands-on workshops focusing on a specific skills/tips/strategies for business owners and are launching a Mobile Application with the How-To guides.

There is no right way to get from A to B. Each experience matters. Whether they are startup founders, makers, artists, small business owners - we want to show that you can follow your dream - you just need to be equipped with the right knowledge that can help you succeed with starting or advancing your business further.

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