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Everyone knows cooking on your own sucks (even if you're a good cook) - and how easy it can be to slide into bad habits especially during the holidays! I am creating this meetup group for people that want to learn more about healthy cooking, enjoy an atmosphere of support around healthy weight maintenance or loss, and promote an active lifestyle within the group (using Fitbit Friends). The idea is that this should be really fun. Groups of 4-6 take turns cooking healthy dietitian approved meals during the week. Dinners will be Vegetarian (we may also have a Gluten Free Group if there is enough interest) - so as to make this accessible to as many people as possible. This means you will only have to cook one meal a week! Groups will be organized by location, and if there is enough interest will be mixed up regularly to keep the conversations interesting. We will regularly engage Dietitians, Chefs, Fitness Professionals, and Life Coaches - possibly at larger venues to spread out the costs. We may book a large kitchen for private lessons, etc. etc.

VERY IMPORTANT: To avoid the typical meetup no-shows, there will be a membership deposit of $120. This will be used in case of cancellation on a meal you're scheduled to prepare. The rest of the cooking group can then use the money to buy dinner somewhere like Freshii. Additionally, each group will contribute $10 a meetup to cover the cost of the above mentioned professionals which will be invited every week or two to present for an hour and recommend their favorite recipes.

Cost of food should not exceed $120 dollars per meal (for all 6 people). This meetup has the potential to be fun, educational, entertaining, and ultimately very rewarding. HOWEVER it must also be built on respect, therefore last minute cancellations (which disrespect the rest of the members) won't be tolerated. (We have 3 strikes and your out)

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