Python Series: Python From Zero To Hero

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1. Why This Program
Learn Python from Experts
Python is one of the most popular programing language , which is widely used in AI and Machine Learning.
Strong teaching team composed of industry leaders and excellent senior PhD students - the best set of talents in SG you will probably see.

Fully hands-on
Have the opportunity to work through a real project each week, such asapplication for data collection and visualization.
The homework is held on Kaggle and get additional practices beyond the classroom hours.

Kaggle Competition with Awards
We are going to hold a Kaggle competition for students in this class.
The top 3 winners will be awarded S$500, S$300, S$100 accordingly.

Work with the classmates every weekend in our classroom for your homework and projects with assistance from the TAs.

Join our community with 2000+ Yidu AI members of data scientists, AI researchers and PE/VC investors. ​

Job Referral
Yidu AI has a strong network with many technology companies around Singapore and mainland China.
You can get the referral from us if you wanna join these top tech companies.

2. Curriculum
4 Weekend courses: 1.5 hours teaching + 1.5 hours hands-on in-class project

Course Project: A final project will be provided as a Kaggle competition for students. The top 3 team will be awarded S$500, S$300, S$100, respectively.

1. Programming Syntax and Object-Oriented Concept

Week 1: Introduction to Python and development tools

Week 2: Dive into Python world – Operators, statements, method and functions

Week 3: Organize your – Object oriented programming and importing of modules

Week 4: Get rid of bugs and error -- Error handling and logging

Course Project:
Customer profile survey for financial risk assessment

2. Data Analysis

Week 1: Introduction to Big Data Analysis

Week 2: Data Manipulation with Pandas

Week 3: Data Visualisation and Regular Expression

Week 4: Time-series Data Analysis

3. machine Learning in sklearn

Week 1: Introduction to machine Learning Flow in sklearn

Week 2: Modeling in sklearn

Week 3: Feature engineering in sklearn

Week 4: Model pipeline and deployment

Course Project:
Using sklearn to implement, deploy and maintain a practical credit scoring system

4. Deep Learning in Pytorch

Week 1: Introduction to PyTorch and Neural Network

Week 2: Word2Vec using PyTorch

Week 3: CNN and RNN in PyTorch

Week 4: Factorization Machine Using PyTorch

Course Project:
Sentiment Analysis using News Related to Finance Topics

3. Instructors

Dr. Xu Nuo
NUS phd. Senior data engineer in Grab. Three years experience in python and big data engineer.

Dr. Xie Yaqi
NUS phd. Two years experience of pyrotechnics and doing research in deep learning models.

Dr. Ouyang Ruofei
NUS phd. Data scientist lead in Wecash. Three years experience in python data analysis and modeling.

Mr. See Youu
NTU Graduate Senior software engineer in Xindots. 8 years experience in software development. 5 years of python web and mobile app development.

Mr. Li Yuejun
NUS master. Machine learning engineer in Wecash. Two years experience in python data analysis and modeling.

4. Application

Now only the first two courses are open for registration.
Please check for detailed information and ticket purchase.

Program fees:

Single course: S$349 (Original Price: S$399)

Double courses: S$599

Other discounts: If you purchase this training program with your friend, both of you can get a S$100 voucher for any of our following courses.

If you share our course information in your friend group or facebook and keep it for more than one day, you can get a S$10 voucher for any of our following courses.

We also provide one-to-one teaching course, which only costs S$1200.

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