Yidu AI Talk: Recent Advancement of Dialogue Systems:An Introduction

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Nowadays we meet dialog systems virtually everywhere — when calling to a bank we will first contact with so-called auto-informer system, when driving to a new place we will use mobile assistance (Siri/Cortana). As conversation is a natural way for people to get information, dialog system will be applied to everywhere and every scenario for the foreseeable future. Dialog systems can be classified by Task-oriented and General-purpose: Task-oriented systems are created to solve a particular problem: find the information requested by a user, accomplish a task; while General-purpose systems are created to keep conversation with human to make conversation itself enjoyable. This talk will first give an introduction on both types of the dialogue systems, then introduce the recent research outcome and finally discuss the feasibility of unifying such two types of system within one solution framework.

Date & Location:
Date: 6:30pm - 8:30pm, 6 Aug, 2019
Location: BASH, Level 3, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore[masked] via Lift Lobby 3

Speaker bio:
Wenqiang Lei is a fifth-year PhD candidate from School of Computing, National University of Singapore. His research interests focus on natural language processing and computational linguistics, covering topics in task and non-task -oriented dialogue systems, discourse analysis, conversational recommendation system and sequence-to-sequence model evaluation. He has published first-authored long papers on various top venues for natural language processing, inclusive of ACL, IJCAI and AAAI. And he has served as the reviewer for top venues like ACL and SIGIR.