• Free Screening of CODEGIRL

    Maynard Fine Arts Theatre

    NOTE: Please reserve tickets via EventBrite (http://yieldbot.com/codegirl) so we have an accurate overall headcount. On December 14 at 7pm Yieldbot is sponsoring a free screening of CODEGIRL at the Maynard Fine Arts Theatre. CODEGIRL is a recent documentary that centers around an app competition (specifically the 2014 competition) that is held yearly worldwide that encourages girls to get into technology. Diversity in technology is important and competitions like the one in the movie are doing their part by giving girls direct access to working with technology and working towards a goal and being successful with it. But the movie itself can play a big role as well, by giving visibility to these girls and their struggles and success. Reminding everyone that there's no reason they can't do it, and providing an opportunity for girls to see these girls as an example and inspiration for what they can do if they want to. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRb5iel-3Ck Movie homepage: http://www.codegirlmovie.com/

  • HeroDB - Managing Data Like Source

    Blue Coyote Grill

    We'll discuss HeroDB, a key/value database that Yieldbot developed that has been in use in production for about a year for all configuration data. HeroDB is built on top of git and keeps perfect history on all operations, can be set to any previous state, self contains a history of all operations, etc. Since we can navigate, access, and modify a filesystem view of the data with standard git and filesystem tools, all of our developers are able to be database administrators. Get a local copy of the database? $ git clone user@databaseserver:/datapath/db.git Get most recent changes to local view? $ git pull Get a log of all modifications? $ git log $ gitk Start looking at data? $ ls Reset to last known good state? $ git reset --hard Undo someone's configuration change? $ git revert Put changes into production? $ git push

  • From MongoDB to key/value

    Blue Coyote Grill

    We'll discuss why using MongoDB was awesome at first, the right choice at the time, and how and why we've replaced its use for most purposes with a variety of mostly key/value based DB technologies. We've gone from using MongoDB for everything from configuration data to analytics results to lookup table technology, to utilizing Redis, HBase, ElephantDB, and our own DB technology for configuration data we call HeroDB.