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Yoga has so much to offer and carries many labels / styles to suit each individual's level of work. May you be a beginner, a runner, professional athlete or just a curious mind, there are many treasures to be uncovered within this art called the science of life / well-being. Yoga is a journey through inner transformation with the potential to reshape our mind (or thought pattern) and physical body along with a dedicated practice. Yoga is not a religion; it's a word like any other filled with wisdom used to describe a movement many ancient sages, so called monks, spiritual seekers, alchemists and everyday folks have engaged in to find inner peace and to understand their place on earth and in society. "Human are the bridge between heaven and earth" it is said.

This meet-up group mainly focuses on the style called Yin Yoga, where each pose is held for a longer period of time (usually 3-5min.) to allow the body to open up through conscious breathing, focus and a calm mind. Learning to feel and 'receive' our body's message(s) through each sensation arising within is crucial to enhance self-awareness, promote self-healing, regulate our emotions, and maintain equilibrium for health & longevity. Based on the taoist principle of life, the Dao (middle path/way) and energy cultivation, each class is packed with techniques to take away from for a home practice or walk away with through our daily life, into the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong or the world while feeling serene and grounded. * * * Namaste, and welcome to be yin'spired. * * *

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