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Are you fearful you will be judged, rejected by your peers if you express your feelings openly and honestly? Are you pretending that everything is ok in your life when you're around your family, friends and business associates? When you’re alone, are your thoughts turbulent about what you don’t have and what you may lose most of the time? Do you obsess why people don’t like you or appreciate your hard work ? Lastly, do you feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied with your career and wondering what your purpose is in life?


If you want to know more, these are the people who should join this awesome group!

Anyone who wants some support to reconnect with their personal power and learn strategies and tools that will help you flourish in every aspect of your life!

What Our Meet Up Will Do:

We are going to discuss various topics:

The Truth About Masculinity, Self-Centered Fear, Unrealistic Expectations, Perfectionism, Living in the Moment, Loving Yourself and Gratitude

The Coaching Sessions will teach and help you to:

•Boost your mood and build lasting happiness •Understand brain science and how brain biases impact well-being •Shift out of pessimism and into resilient thinking and action •Communicate effectively, develop self-compassion, self-care and empathy •Be yourself and present through self-Regulation, mindfulness and meditation •Set goals and create healthy habits to achieve your dreams •Utilize visualization, questions, and primers for success •Understand the science of flow and peak performance •Unpack emotions such as awe and transcendence •Understand the science of optimal physical function (sleep, posture, fascia, nutrition, nature and movement on wellbeing)

Our time together is intentional and transformative. You will leave feeling lighter in yourself and happier in your relationships...

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