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This is a not-to-miss event. In this 4-hour workshop, we will learn how to connect to your body in a joyful way. You will leave rejuvenated, inspired, restored, & energized and take some practical tips to incorporate into your daily life on how to listen to, care & respect your body.

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, you will find depth and inspiration to invigorate and personalize your practice and daily care routine. We will play with movement, sound, yoga poses, breath, laughter, visualization, senses, and intuition.

Mariya Shiyko, PhD, is a founder of YOGA PLAY – a unique yoga style that combines play, creativity, and intuition. Mariya has been trained in traditional Vinyasa yoga, therapeutic yoga, Vipassana meditation, energy healing, and alternative medicine in the U.S., India, Indonesia, Australia, and Brazil. She is a holistic life coach. Through experimentation and studies, she created a yoga style that felt the closest to spirit – free and adventurous.

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Yoga PLAY: Body of Joy

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