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This is a group for anyone interested in learning about how to tame/discipline their mind with help of ancient Tantra, Yoga, kriya, pranayama, guided tantric meditation and Ayurveda inspired holistic lifestyle practices.
Most of you already know how to take care of your physical body, but disciplining mind is harder. Tantra meditation class series, workshops, retreats are perfect complementary practices to add to your other existing fitness routine like yoga, gym, cross fitness or Pilates.

Ever heard the expression, "If you believe it, you can achieve it!" Let me lovingly tell you. "It's 100% true and it applies to Everything in your life!!" Yes! It applies to your physical, emotional & psychological health, it applies to your love/romantic life., It even applies to your bank account. It is not your brain creating your life..... You create your life from your heart, it's what you feel and believe!!

Come and join our Tantrik community in these unique meet up classes and experience the magic of Tantric transformation beginning in your life. It will simply blow your mind.

Note: Most of Sacred Garden Tantra's meetup classes are suitable for all levels. Wherever you are on your journey, your experiences will deepen.

Note: ALL exercises conducted in Sacred Garden Tantra's workshops, events, classes and private work are fully clothed with absolutely NO sexual conduct. Tantra is not what you think it is!;)

Again: This is a totally sacred and safe experience.

Looking forward to explore our inner mind world & building endless Positive believes (Sankalpa) & our true potential possibilities together! ~ Love Rashmi

(For private consultation, different packages including multi class special discount packages are available, if you are interested. Check out: https://squareup.com/market/sacredgardenoftantra

or Contact Glenn/Rashmi directly through sacredgardenoftantra@gmail.com or (949) 204 3820)

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