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Join Yoga Teacher Bailey Hall and Depth Specialist Kevin Woolums M.A. for an evening of soulful connection with mind body and spirit. Experience yoga as it was intended to be: a clearing of the mind and gentle preparing of the body for healing, restoration and spiritual awakening. Breathe into the present moment. Access the power of deep connection with yourself and the miraculous revelation of the imagination.

Imagine you were visited by the most amazing dream last night. It spoke to your soul path, resurrected wisdoms of your ancestors and bordered the fringes of your limiting beliefs presenting new vision and invaluable messages coming alive in your bones. But, as the day arrives, the images and connection in dream time seems to slip away like water through your fingers. Are the dream images lost, the fuzzy messages disappearing before your waking eyes? What if it wasn’t gone forever? What if you could activate a relationship with your dream images that amplifies their messages and engages their potent medicine? Discover the power of working with your dreams!

In Introduction to Dream Tending you will:

Activate and deepen your understanding of dreams and how they communicate

Associate, Amplify and Animate a dream image of your own

Gain practical steps to working with your dreams each day

Apply living images to major life challenges

You can experience this at the garden; a beautiful and private property here in your own neighborhood!

Through integral yoga (all levels) and dream tending we can connect with the depth and mystery of spirit together in this beautiful outdoor space.

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