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Joyful Yoga NH is a local Merrimack NH business providing small group, individual and specific areas of need yoga classes, workshops and wellness events.

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Yoga & Your Aura, Discover the Connection

SoNew Yoga


Have you ever wondered how yoga, breathing and meditation could change your energy, the aura? This one of a kind class will explore just that. Learn first hand how different yoga postures potentially impact your Aura, your energy. You are invited to be part of this fascinating, workshop! No prior yoga experience necessary!! This is our second workshop, the first sold out! The feedback from the attendees was sheer amazement at the results and how spot on the observations were. Have your Aura read, while practicing gentle yoga! You will receive a written personalized report explaining how your energy responds before starting and during each posture. Each posture holds an emotional, spiritual or physical essence and your relationship to that is displayed in your aura, or energy field. We maintain the highest consideration for privacy so individual readings and reflections during the workshop are not made public before the group. General terms and discussion will take place before and after the practice. Pre-Registration is required, space is limited.

Healing Lunar Yoga

SoNew Yoga


Join us for an evening to divulge into the workings of the full moon and using the energy of the moon in Gemini. You will set and work with an intention that is personal and perfect for you at this time. A full moon has the power to super charge the intentions we set, to heal what no longer serves us and release what is ready to be let go. In this workshop you will learn how to utilize and work with the full moon energy, receive tips and information specific to this full moon in Gemini, participate in a tailored yoga sequence, enjoy a gentle guided meditation during an extended savasana and receive reiki healing to tie it all together. You'll leave feeling as if a cloud has lifted you to the heavens and the bright shine of the moon has kissed your cheek. Please bring your yoga mat, water and a journal if you'd like to take notes. A handout will be provided for easy reference. No prior yoga experience is necessary, all are welcome to attend. *Space is limited so please register early. Pre-Registration is kindly asked. Space is limited. $35.00

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