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Practising yoga is for everyone, with any age, any experience (or none), any condition (like a illness or pregnancy) or any amount of available of time. Yoga gives us energy, health and a fit body; the calm, focus and assertiveness for our minds to face daily life; and a positive and lovely view of ourselves and of everything.

Kundalini yoga helps you to build physical vitality and increase your peace and awareness.

What are our classes?:
*Asanas/ kriyas (physical postures to manage/improve your body)
*Pranayamas (breathing techniques to activate your physical systems, cleansing your body, focusing your mind)
*Relaxation (consciously resting your body)
* Meditation (experiencing deep calm, pace and determination within you).

I am Gina, a certified yoga teacher who likes to practise and teach Kundalini yoga and experience the peace of mindful and meditation techniques. I have done a 200 hour yoga teacher training course in a Yoga Alliance School in India, a 95 hour yoga teacher training course in Colombia and a Kundalini yoga teacher training course in London. For the last six years, practising Kundalini yoga and meditation have been part of my daily routine, and the last four I have been teaching it extensively in classes focused on mindfulness lifestyle for adults 121 or group classes. As well I teach yoga and mindfulness for children at schools.

Contact: Gina 07938330550

Sat Nam :)

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