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Quality time with your dog doesn’t have to be limited to walks and couch cuddles.

Hands on Heart Reiki is offering yoga classes for you and your dog!

Yoga with your dog allows your pet to share in your relaxation and sense of calm, increasing your special bond.

This class is a 1 hour yoga class geared toward the 2 legged, with a couple of poses included for your pups.

Dogs are welcome to stay by your side, use their own mat or blanket or wander the room to give everyone some extra love.

Sarah Janzen, Pet Reiki Master and Dog trainer, will be increasing the calm environment by giving each dog a reiki treatment during class.

Pet Reiki is a natural healing modality that is excellent for anxiety reduction, pain management, decrease in inflammation and much more…

Your yoga session will include a calming meditation, loads of puppy love, laughs and as with dogs, the unexpected.

Well-behaved and socialized dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome. People who do not have dogs and want some doggy kisses are welcome as well.

We will have 30 minutes of playtime after the Yoga class.

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Yoga with your dog is back!!!!! Only 15 spots! Register fast!!

Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness


Have you ever considered doing yoga with your dog? In this special Yoga class we invite you to bring your best friend!!! This class will offer relaxing yoga for our yogis, combined with the healing energy of Reiki for your dog. Even though dogs can’t actually do the majority of the normal yoga poses, they will enjoy the stretching, aspects of pet Reiki and the soothing energy for which yoga sessions are famous for. Dog Yoga is a fantastic way to bond with your dog! This can help your dog learn how to trust you and strengthen your relationship. When you improve the bond you have with your dog, you also improve the potential for their behavior correction and training. Dog Yoga requires relaxation and deep focus from both parties which can only help the bond grow, which becomes deeper and more authentic over time. Just like people, an animal’s healthy energy can become depleted or blocked. This can result from emotional unbalance, trauma, illness or a variety of life stressors. As animals cannot communicate their energetic needs, imbalances present as emotional, physical and behavioral issues. Reiki, a Japanese system of healing with energy, balances animals’ energetic needs, allowing a deep healing to take place. Emotional issues are reduced, physical pain decreased and behavioral issues are resolved. Animals that are energetically balanced are happy, feel safer, have more focus and are better connected with their families. Reiki addresses: -Anxiety -Behavioral issues such as excessive barking or fearful reactions -Arthritis or joint pain -Recovery from injury or surgery -Grief -Relationships between animals and their people -Relieves issues from past traumas -And much more… Sarah Janzen, of Hands on Heart Reiki, is a Reiki Master and Dog trainer specializing in Animal energy work. She is the resident Reiki practitioner at FairyTails Dog daycare in Burnaby and is the Reiki Practitioner at yearly The AAC National Dog Agility Competition. She specializes working with pets with anxiety issues. She is honored to work with your pets and is constantly awed by the amazing relationship between Reiki and animals. Guidelines: -Have your dog on a regular leash (no retractable leaches) -Take your dog for a walk prior to class to help get the zummies out (walk to class) -No toys -Dog must be good with other dogs (no aggression) -Dog must be fixed -Bring your own treats -Must bring your own yoga mat Tickets available : clients.mindbodyonline.com or call Sweet Serenity Yoga and Wellness @[masked]

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Reiki and yoga with your dog.

Templeton Secondary, west field

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