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We are so excited to be living in Jacksonville, Florida! We opened Black Cat Yoga studio in the vibrant and breathtaking Riverside area on King Street near the intersection of King Street and Park. It is our intention to continue to share mindful yoga and healing crystal bowl sound meditations in this beautiful new space and co-create a community where all of you, our companions on this amazing life journey, feel supported, connected, and welcome.

We hope to see YOU soon!

Namaste, Friends

Lisa and Kevin McCormack
Owners of Black Cat Yoga

Visit our website here: www.blackcatyogajax.com (https://www.blackcatyogajax.com/)

Email us here: blackcatyogajax@gmail.com

Contact us by phone: 904-701-2715

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Sound Bliss

Black Cat Yoga

A BLISSFUL SOUND JOURNEY TO RELAX THE MIND, EASE THE BODY, AND SOOTHE THE SOUL... Why is it that sound has such a profound effect on our body's ability to relax? Modern day scientists and researchers are in agreement with what ancient sages have been saying all along: Everything is energy, and our bodies respond to sound and vibration. Vibrational resonance is a natural catalyst to relaxation because sound and vibration entrain with our body's own energetic frequency. And through this energetic entrainment, feelings of separation dissolve, walls of resistance soften, and stress/tension floats away. And once again, our body is restored to its natural state of equanimity. Sound Bliss is a unique harmonic experience featuring the soothing sounds of pure quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan metal bowls, symphonic chimes, and various other healing instruments which induce states of deep relaxation and promotes healing in the body, mind, and soul. Give yourself the extraordinary gift of this relaxing immersion in sound and move closer to the source of the inner peace and well-being you desire and deserve. DATE: Sunday, October 20 TIME: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. COST: Early registration: $20 through October 19. Day of the event: $25 Pre-registration is not required but is recommended. SIGN UP ONLINE HERE: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=765855&stype=-8&sVT=1114&sView=day&sLoc=0&date=10%2F20%2F19 Please bring a yoga mat or something to lay down on. Blankets and bolsters are also available at the studio. ***Please note that our events and classes begin and end on time; and to ensure the safety and comfort of our attendees, presenters, and staff, late entries are not permitted.

Halloween Flow-in-the-Dark Yoga!

Black Cat Yoga

The lights will go out and the blacklights will turn on for this unique Halloween Flow-in-the-Dark yoga experience. Arrive dressed in your finest glow-in-the-dark costumes and enjoy a flowy and glowy all-levels Spooky-Asana class led by Kevin McCormack. We will provide glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets. Stay and enjoy some Halloween-inspired treats and refreshments afterwards! Pre-register to save your spot! Cost to attend: Regular class rates apply. You can use your membership or class packages. Drop-ins are $17. Sign up here: https://www.blackcatyogajax.com/events Please Note: No face or body paint will be permitted due to the type of flooring we have in the studio.

Yoga with the Tigers!

The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! We are honored to partner with Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary AGAIN in an effort to assist their organization in raising funds so that they may continue to fulfill their mission of providing a safe, loving and forever home to endangered big cats and to educate the public about their plight in the wild and in captivity. Their primary focus is in the rescue of exotic animals from serious situations. Once an animal arrives at Catty Shack Ranch, they have a loving, forever home for life. They do not breed, trade, sell, or buy any of their residents. Black Cat Yoga Studio will be guiding a 60-minute accessible yoga experience on location at Catty Shack Ranch in a large open field located near the majestic large cats who call this sanctuary home. Immediately following the yoga, we will be given a private guided tour by the volunteers of the facility where you will be given an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the animals and their organization. This time there will also be a "Cubs Corner" so you can bring your kids! All little cubs will sit with the adults for the video. Then as the adults go to the 1-hour yoga class, the cubs will go play games. After the yoga class, adults and cubs will reunite for a guided tour where you will have the chance to meet all the Catty Shack residents. ALL of the proceeds for this event will go directly to Catty Shack Ranch. It is our intention at Black Cat Yoga to give back to our community and to be stewards to our animal companions who share the earth with us. Please join us for an afternoon of well-being, fellowship, and help us support this wonderful and caring organization. Adult tickets: $20 Child tickets: $10 Tickets are available through Catty Shack Ranch directly on their website, or you can purchase tickets at the gate. Please bring a yoga mat and dress comfortably. If it is cool outside, remember to dress warm! ***This is a donation event and tickets are nonrefundable. Purchase your tickets here: https://guestli.st/623100

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EXHALE: A Profound Yin Yoga Experience

Black Cat Yoga

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